Artwork Specifications

By allowing QMP to prepare your artwork, you know it will be designed professionally and without any of the unforseen technical problems that so often occur when novice computer users prepare artwork to be printed by the offset process. (Problems of this nature can be costly.)

However, for professionals in the graphic arts field, who wish to submit press ready artwork, please submit same as per the following specifications. If in any doubt please talk to our graphic artists before starting a project.

CMYK | 2mm bleed | 4mm gutter | text converted | any solid black areas to include
20% cyan, magenta, and yellow | all images to be 300dpi or greater

PMS value assigned | 2mm bleed | 4mm gutter | text converted | beware of tight
registration – please allow spread | all images to be 300dpi or greater

ALL FILES to be supplied press ready in any of the following formats …
(in order of preference):
PDF editable | EPS vector | Adobe CS6  | CDR X5 | Pub 2007

Talk to us before preparing magazines or books for printing.